Holographic Acupuncture

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What Are Remote Transmissions?

Remote Transmissions are transformational meditative life changing experiences to unblock and transform limitations and dysfunctional experiences,  achieving; ultimate autonomy, success, abundance, robust health and vitality. Direct experience allows permanent transformation. I am inviting you to take a transformative journey with me.

The concept of a unifying field of energy of which all things are a part is key to remote transmissions because it views the spirit, mind, body as a complex, interrelated whole. The goal of remote transmissions meditations are to fully transform patterns of anything less than the highest level of consciousness, abundance, success in any endeavour, joyfulness of spirit, robust health and vitality!

How Does Thomas Interpret Remote Transmissions Work?

Thomas interprets connecting with anyone, anything or situation through what quantum physicists call the “unified field," and provides transformation effectively regardless of whether they’re across the room or, technically, across the universe.

Some physicists describe the universe as a hologram, where the whole is already contained in every part. Time and distance are only concepts that help us to define and categorize our reality.

David Bohm, physicist and author of Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980), viewed quantum theory as an indicator of a new order-an existence in which all things are connected in an unmanifest “implicate order”, by the entire field. This explains the concept of the universe as a unified field (wholism).

Physicists John Bell and Alain Aspect established that the universe at its most basic level is nonlocal.

Information doesn’t need to travel from point A to point B because it doesn’t need to travel at all. It exists everywhere, omnipresently. This interpretation presents us with the vision of a participatory universe in which everything is interconnected and interdependent; a seamless Whole.  John Stewart Bell, the originator of Bell's theorem said: "Beneath phenomena, the world is a seamless whole."

Since everything that exists, seen and unseen are all a part of the same universe, it is not necessary for energy to “travel” anywhere. What may otherwise be called consciousness: what defines our existence; consciousness is awareness of one’s self existence, and existence as self. This is a duality; consciousness is self awareness and awareness of the self. “In truth, we are all one."