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Join my guest Rene Hamilton for an exciting interview: Dismantling The Illusion Of the Physical Reality. Rene is an Entrepreneur and founder of Inner Soul Tech: https://innersoultech.com 

 He is also Artist, Photographer, Teaches Quantum Metaphysical Psychology, is a Life Coach, Systems researcher and clairvoyant with a unique ability to intuitively see into peoples mind patterns and emotional patterns that cause destructive tendencies in their lives. Born highly sensitive to energies he has been able to fine tune his clairvoyant abilities and spiritual connection with the Cosmic Source Mind and his higher self. Through much training, guidance and comprehension, he has developed what he calls “Quantum Vortex Field Effect Technology,” which he has applied to create many ground breaking quantum nano vortex energy based inventions. 

 Rene has assisted souls all over the globe who are looking for greater overstanding – (Yes over-standing, because you get the highest and most expanded view point when you are above something. When you are under something you cannot see anything and or properly.) We all have grown up with ideas about how the universe works in terms of money, friendship, relationships, God etc…etc.. Let Rene share with you and work with you personally to better comprehend your true potential and Laws of the universe that control your life, so that you may work more in harmony with them and create a paradise for yourself here on earth. 

How To Experience Radical Transformation Safely And Healthfully For The Best Of All With Ayahuasca 

Are you curious about ayahuasca and the path of the medicine plants? Wondering what the role of entheogens are and our relationship with them? In this video, I interview Diego Palma to answer these important questions and more. 

 “I hope you liked watching this as much as I liked making it for you. And if you know anyone who’d find this information helpful, please like and share this video with them!”

“Experience Personal Alchemy” Join my guest Emily Harrison, founder/director of The Akashic Academy, Modern Mystic, Spiritual Advisor, Inspirational Speaker and myself live-streaming  on my YouTube Channel: Thomas Nerbas's Ultimate Autonomy Experience. 

Do you have treasures within? What does is mean to follow your dreams and listen to your heart as a guide through life? We are all Alchemists; continuously transforming our life using our spirit, soul, mind and body. 

Emily is excited to share the importance of causing an affect, awakening and nourishing personal transformation and self actualization. When we change our energy, we change our life. Explore more adventure along the way!

Join us live on: Thursday September 19th at 10:30am MST at Thomas Nerbas’s Ultimate Autonomy Experience #4 - Emily Harrison “Experience Personal Alchemy" 👍🏻 please like and share this episode, thanks in advance. May the blessings be!

“Experience Quantum Resonance Technology” My guest is Eric Thompson, founder of Subtle Energy Sciences. Eric is a researcher and inventor (former co-founder of iAwake Technologies), Subtle Energy Sciences (SES) is committed to bringing innovative energy medicine to the digital age.

Since 2007 Eric Thompson has been researching and developing proprietary methods for producing and capturing subtle energies in digital form. The captured energetic signals are then amplified many times using proprietary technology, and embedded into various digital media. And because of its unique, cost-effective production and delivery methods, SES is now able to make available to the public genuinely transformative tools for personal and collective change, at a fraction of the cost of other subtle energy technologies with similar capacity.

Eric will provide an SES remote transmission “Awaken The Mind” water activation demonstration:

participants will need a pen or pencil, a piece of paper, and a glass of drinking water.

“Awaken the Mind” energetically encoded meditation technology catalyzes personal transformation, inner peace and self-actualization. Cultivate a profound flow-state. Activate deeper awareness and intelligence. Increase creativity and feelings of unity and well-being.

Join us live on: Tuesday July 30th at 10:30am MST at Thomas Nerbas’s Ultimate Autonomy Experience #3 - Eric Thompson “Experience Quantum Resonance Technology” and enjoy the replay 👍🏻 please like and share this episode, thanks in advance. May the blessings be!

“Make Your Dream Life Your Reality” My guest is Christy Warnick, spiritual intuitive and energy healer www.christywarnick.com

Christy is a true believer in miracles and that anything is possible.  She brings that energy and intention with her into each session along with what is for the highest and best good by connecting with the highest Source and other divine beings.

It is Christy’s purpose to be a healer and teacher along with many other amazing things.  Her spiritual journey has been ongoing in this lifetime, but really started changing within the past 5 years and she has been learning and healing every day since her “wake up call” or a "course correction".  Christy loves helping to create and witness clearings, healings and miracles along with receiving messages and guidance from a place of love and light.

Christy will lead a transformational process, helping to make your dream life your reality, calling in the highest and best frequencies aligning with your highest potential for the best of all concerned.

Join us live on: Wednesday July 24th at 10:30am MST at Thomas Nerbas's Ultimate Autonomy Experience #2 - Christy Warnick “Make Your Dream Life Your Reality” and enjoy the replay 👍🏻 please like and share this episode, thanks in advance. May the blessings be!

Thomas Nerbas's Ultimate Autonomy Experience #1 - Invest In Your Greatest Excitement With David Tinoco

Are your dreams taking longer to manifest than you'd like? Are you ready to make changes in order to supercharge your manifestations? "Invest In Your Greatest Excitement!” My guest is David Tinoco, the founder of Divine True Healing, he is an energetic practitioner specializing in the Body Code, Emotion Code and many other modalities. David is excited to share the importance of investing in your greatest excitement. Discover how to transform blocks and stagnation into usable energy in order to achieve faster manifestations with positive acceleration and flow with ease. The quantum model of reality is all about causing an effect, now is the time to amplify effects. When we change our energy, we change our life. We are creators of reality; multidimensional beings living a multidimensional life, causing effects. David shares what has worked for him exploring more adventure along the way.  In this episode, David and I will be sharing a stone medicine activation for the best of all concerned.

Join us live on: Tuesday July 9th at 10:30am MST at Thomas Nerbas's Ultimate Autonomy Experience - David Tinoco

Invest In Your Greatest Excitement! and enjoy the replay, please like and share this premiere episode thanks in advance. May the blessings be!

THE POWER OF ENERGY HEALING: ✨Radical Transformation Into Freedom!✨

Everything Is Energy, Anything Is Possible!

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