Holographic Acupuncture

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Greetings and welcome to my site.

I'm glad you found your way here. Perhaps a friend told you about me,  or you have been reading or watching something on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. 

Let me share some details about myself with you. For more than 10 years I have been driven with skillful action as an experienced acupuncturist to help people create radical transformation in their lives by sharing my gifts and talents, to directly experience valuable and empowering insights from my own autonomous life journey.

My mission is to elevate the consciousness, success, robust health and vitality of humanity.  

"The way to experience permanent continuous transformation requires looking somewhere else and choosing a different path, choosing a different experience that in and of itself changes you, it permanently transforms you." 

Unblock and transform limitations and dysfunctional experiences,  achieving; ultimate autonomy, success, abundance, robust health and vitality. Direct experience allows permanent transformation. I am inviting you to take a transformative journey with me.

Remote Transmissions was born on Tuesday May 21, 2019 when I reached out to my friend David, located about 2,750 kilometres away, who at the time was experiencing a head cold. After 30 minutes of meditating with Remote Transmissions, David responded with left side congestion and blocked up areas opening and remained open 100% Then on Wednesday May 22, 2019; a second follow-up Remote Transmissions meditation resulted with right side congestion and blocked up areas opening and remained open 100%

Since this time I have been employing Remote Transmissions for those interested in unblocking and transforming limitations and dysfunctional experiences, achieving; ultimate autonomy, success, abundance, robust health and vitality. 

May the blessings be, Thomas Nerbas